We are Bahama Mama                          and the Painkillers


an ORIGINAL Beach Rock Band 

We bring the beach party with us wherever we go. 


Vocals, keytar, steel pan, ukulele / Stephanie Biello
Guitar / Rachel Merriam
Bass / Alex Faulkner
Drums, vocals / Jake Habegger



BM & PK Tour



Life's a Beach

by Bahama Mama and the Painkillers

Life long obsession leads to…….

Stephanie Biello, the Bahama Mama, was born with a hawaiian shirt on. Her “can you imagine” line in her high school yearbook read: “Imagine Steph Biello without a Hawaiian shirt!”. She bought her first steel pan at the age of 17, and taught herself as many tunes as possible. A life long love of the beach and music has lead her on a search to find this amazing band of Painkillers. Formulating the one and only:

Bahama Mama and the Painkillers !

Bahama Mama and the Painkillers is a local CT based original beach band. With musical influences coming from Sublime, Jimmy Buffet, 311, Jack Johnson, and a bit of surf rock, this band will make you feel like your toes are in the sand with a drink in your hand, even in CT! With the release of their first single "Tequila" and second " No one Gonna Bring me Down", this band is in motion to make big waves. They are currently working on recording their first full length album "Life's a Beach" anticipated to drop June 2019.